About ECOstyle Group

Nature’s intelligence as a basis

Based on this philosophy, the family-owned ECOstyle Group develops and markets ecologically responsible products for healthy soils, plants, crops, animals and livestock since 1967. The ECOstyle portfolio services both gardening consumers and animal lovers as well as professional users in agriculture, horticulture, cattle breeding and dairy farming.

Tomorrow is created now

ECOstyle products facilitate a low-threshold responsible choice of products. For our users this means for example that a disease, plague or pest is effectively cured or prevented, wíth a bonus: a positive effect on nature. All products and concepts are based on the ingenious mechanisms nature has to offer. Together with the users who apply our products, we aim to restore and maintain the natural balance of soils, plants and animals. This contributes to biodiversity, animal welfare and a better world to leave for future generations.

With solid sales and distribution networks, our local subsidiaries market two leading brands ECOstyle (in Belgium, Denmark, Russia and The Netherlands) and Florissa in Austria. At the local subsidiaries … 

ECOstyle bottles are green

The colour of our spray bottles in Belgium and The Netherlands remain the same… but the story behind the bottles makes a big difference: ECOstyle Netherlands and Belgium are the first garden product companies in these respective countries to switch to so-called circular bottles, made of recycled plastic. 

ECOstyle Denmark is the proud winner of the Danish award for Best Training Company of the Year in 2017. Lise Lotte Lauridsen, intern at ECOstyle Denmark, is a proud ECOstyle ambassador: "All colleagues welcomed me warmly and the internship gave me all the opportunities I could wish for to develop myself professionally. It has been extremely motivating to contribute to a growing business and to be part of the ECOstyle team to achieve joint goals."