ECOstyle bottles are green

ECOstyle NL and BE transfer to recycled bottles

The colour of our spray bottles in Belgium and The Netherlands remain the same…

... but the story behind the bottles make a big change: ECOstyle Netherlands and Belgium are the first garden product companies in these respective countries to switch to so-called circular bottles, made of recycled plastic.

Replacing the original raw materials for the spray bottles with Post-Consumer Recycled HDPE results in 75% CO2 reduction and 95% decrease in fossil materials needed for production. Being the only garden product brand to only have ecologically responsible problem solvers in their product portfolio, ECOstyle remains frontrunner in sustainability. In garden season 2019 all ECOstyle spray bottles (marked with the unique pattern of leaves) as well as the practically designed dosing bottles will be made of recycled material.

Product Manager Lucas Mocking of ECOstyle is very proud of this transition: “We’re proud to have a high sustainability standard. For more than 50 years already, the family-owned ECOstyle only markets products and concepts that are 100% ecologically sound. With these recycled bottles, consumers can choose and act sustainably even more easily. With very low threshold, everybody can contribute to a better natural balance and act green!

With the new bottles, more than 60% of the bottled ECOstyle assortment will be recycled packaging. ECOstyle purchasing and product teams are already making preparations with their supplying partners for the next step in sustainable packaging: recycled bottles for liquid plant food. When these can also be transferred to Post-Consumer Recycled HDPE, ECOstyle Belgium and The Netherlands already achieve 90% circular packaging bottles.

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