To understand the innovative character of ECOstyle that always drives us forward to business development, we’ll take you, contradictionally, more than 50 years back in time…

Grandfather Jan Zwart saw business opportunities in providing naturally-based, eco-friendly fertilizing and pest solutions. Some forward-thinking farmers in those days appreciated alternatives to the agrochemicals that were available and very commonly used at that time. Since then, ECOstyle Group has proactively built its business on two main characteristics: the philosophy to apply natural intelligence as solutions to solve our clients’ problems with crops, animals, livestock, soils and plants, and the entrepreneurship and courage to be different than others to identify and capitalize market potential.

Since then, ECOstyle Group developed internationally and grew sales and marketing in four business units: Garden and Animal Care aimed at consumers and Plant Professional and Agro Veterinarian for professional use.

Although the world has changed in the last 50 years, ECOstyle's vision and values with regards to conscious and sustainable entrepreneurship are as strong as ever. All our product development and category management is based on the philosophy that already stands since ’67: jointly restore and maintain the natural balance of plants and animals, so we can leave a better world for future generations.

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