Product Development

Powered by nature’s intelligence

All ECOstyle and Florissa products and concepts are based on the ingenious mechanisms nature has to offer. In other words: we put biomimicry in bottles, boxes and bags. These products stimulate consumers and professional users to make the right and ecologically sound choice in preventing or solving a problem, pest, or disease. With our applications, everybody can easily create a positive future.

Innovation inspired by nature:

biomimicry in bottles, boxes and bags

We market registered products in key markets as well as our own recipes and registered property. Production of ingredients and composing and packaging products is partially outsourced, we produce our Protozoa® for instance ourselves. Our Research & Development and Purchasing teams are constantly on the lookout for new product applications, technical developments, potential co-developers and newly registered IP that match our product philosophy and would add to our market portfolios.

A selection of the concepts and products in our portfolio:

Beneficials (natural enemies) sales concept with retail shelve display, ordering and distribution system. This concept includes for instance nematodes against boxwood moth.

Highly effective organic fertilisers and soil improvers with added microorganisms such as Protozoa® , phosphate-releasing bacteria, and Mycorrhizae-fungi.

Antibiotics reduction products and nutritional herbal and mineral supplements for livestock and dairy farming. Registered natural veterinary medicines for cattle and animals.

Junior, Adult and Senior daily nutrition products, pet treats, and diet foods like Muscle&Joint and Bladder Dust for dogs and cats. All products produced based on ECOstyle-owned recipes with balanced diversity of all-natural ingredients and enriched with herbs mixtures.

Consumer concept ‘a green lawn in 7 steps’ including AZ-chalk enriched with microorganisms for healthy soil. The lime itself is a residual product from water extraction and this 'waste' is given a new purpose - circular economy in practice.

New in our portfolio: a full range of ultrasonic repellents. 

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