Responsible business is our everyday's business
Driven by positive impact on natural balance

Doing things sustainably has been an ECOstyle business characteristic since the founding more than 50 years ago. We proactively contribute to increasing biodiversity and improvement of animal welfare. We rather not speak about sustainability policy but prefer to do things responsibly in ECOstyle (pun intended). We incorporate a sustainable way of doing business in three areas: our product portfolio, our role as partner in society, and our use of energy and other resources.

This is how we make a difference

Adding sustainable value

We focus on seven ambitions to add sustainable value and contribute proactively to leave a better world for the next generations:

The composition and effectiveness of our products: with the 100% natural effectiveness of ECOstyle products, consumers and professionals are increasingly restoring or maintaining the natural balance of plants and animals. All ingredients are ecologically degradable and suitable for organic farming (ambition # 1).

Our contribution to society: being an active company by sharing knowledge (ambition # 2), being an involved business partner to increase sustainable value chains (ambition # 3) and being a good employer recognising our team as our most valuable asset (ambition # 4).

The aim to use as little energy as possible and as many sustainable raw materials as possible in our procurement and packaging and to maximise recycling (ambition # 5), to minimize use of energy and resources at the offices and in the warehouses (ambition # 6) and at the natural business park Ecomunitypark in Oosterwolde, The Netherlands where our Group is headquartered and the Dutch business is based (ambition # 7).

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